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 Cooking Coach Pricing
Working with the Cooking Coach, you will learn how to cook the same way professionals do, without the expense and time commitment. Culinary students start at the beginning and so should you. Remember, it’s not about the recipes – it’s about the skills.

Personal one on one coaching

$85.00 per hour (min of 3 hours)
2-3 people (at the same time, of course) $75.00 per hour (min of 3 hours)
4-6 people (at the same time) $65.00 per hour (min of 3 hours)

AL la carte services:

Methods of Cooking:

Beyond Methods:

Basic Knife Skills 1 (3 hours)
Basic Knife Skills 2 (3 hours)
(Food fee charged per person)
Getting Started: (3 hours)
Stock Your Pantry
Kitchen Equipment Assessment
Shopping Together
Cooking Language

I. Sauté, Pan Frying, Stir Frying
(3 hours)
II. Steaming, Stewing, Poaching, Braising (4 hours)
III. Grilling, Roasting, Baking
(3 hours)

(Food fee charged per person - Basic Knife Skills 1&2 Required)

Stocks (3 hours)
Sauces and Soups (3 hours)
Basics of Baking and Pastry (4 hours)
Simple, But Elegant Desserts (4 hours)
Holiday or Special Event Cooking and Preparation (TBD)


My Kitchen Is The Scariest Room In My House
Great package for anyone wants to get started from scratch. It includes Knife Skills 1 & 2 and the Getting Started Instruction, including a trip to the grocery store for tips on how and what to buy as well as food handling instruction. Great for the newlywed, newly single, college grad, or anyone who seriously wants to learn to cook. 10 hours of instruction valued at $850…
$750.00 package price (not including food fee)
Group pricing available
Methods of Cooking
Knife Skills Required Sections I, II, and III
Serious cooking instruction for anyone who is serious about learning.

10 hours of instruction valued at $850.00…
$800.00 package price (not including food fee)
Group pricing available

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