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the personal cooking coach
  Benefits of a Cooking Coach
Why do you need a cooking coach? For the same reason you hire a personal trainer at the gym, or a tennis instructor, golf pro, or a piano teacher. To help you get better at something you like to do. Frankly, you spend more time feeding yourself or your family than you do playing golf or tennis, or the piano -so a cooking coach makes even more sense. Like a fitness trainer, a cooking coach can make a healthy change to your life. When you prepare food at home, you have more control over the ingredients, and the portion size, and the cost. Let’s face it – eating out is expensive.

A personal cooking coach works with you in your own home, in your own kitchen. Have you ever waited weeks or months for a local cooking school to schedule a class you want to take to find that it’s already sold out or it’s on a night that you are busy?

The coach works with you on your schedule, at your speed. You get one-on-one attention.

Your kitchen can be studio size or state-or-the-art. The important thing is how you use it. If you are just getting started, the coach can help you establish your basic equipment and pantry items to keep
on hand. Your coach will even take you shopping.

If you think the scariest room in the house is the kitchen – you need a cooking coach!

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